Summer Smoothie

Depending what’s on hand in your kitchen, you can make

a delicious frosty smoothie with dollops of our fresh almond butter.

For the base, use large chunks of previously frozen ripe bananas (or soft plantains!)

Add any kind of liquid to mix; Soy, hemp, almond, or raw whole cow’s milk. Or tart Greek yogurt.

Throw in a couple ice cubes.

Scoop a couple spoonfuls of Fat Uncle’s fresh pure butter into the mixture.

And now for the fun part.

One can’t go wrong with the following list of ideas to adjust or enhance sweetness, spice or flavor..

Drops of vanilla or almond extract

Dash of apple cider vinegar


Cinnamon or nutmeg

Maple, agave syrup, or a drizzle of local honey

Unsweetened cocoa powder, dark chocolate squares or simply: raw nibs.

Pinch of cayenne

Flax or chia seeds

Blend and add until a thick, smooth consistency is achieved.

Share with a friend and enjoy right away in a sunny spot!

This smoothie is packed with omega 3’s, protein, and energy.

Perfect for breakfast on the go or a fun afternoon pick-me-up.

The bananas are light and easy for the belly to digest.

Photo Credit: Andrew Scrivani for The New York Times


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