summer tour

Happy Summer!

I just got back into Santa Barbara after hosting several Fat Uncle Farms employees on a tour of the farm. In typical FUF style, the trip consisted mostly of napping, swimming in the pool, gleaning cherries from our neighbor’s field, and eating too much delicious food. To prove that we are not total slackers we mustered the energy for a marathon match of ruleless volleyball and playing with the new puppies. It was a great break and I was excited to finally show off the farm to some of the team. Before the trip, Mike had speculated that we have been importing synthetic almonds from the Philipines. I was glad to put this unfounded rumor to rest.

The trees look great. When Dad was not looking a picked a few almonds. The size and flavor is coming along nicely. The yield looks like it may be a bit smaller than in years past, but the trees are making up for it with lots of new branches and leaves, which bodes well for harvests after this year.  – Nate


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