baby green

Green almonds are in season! Fresh young almonds are eaten as a spring time treat around the Mediterranean and also by curious farm kids in California.

Right now, the nut part of the almond looks like clear jelly and tastes fresh and slightly sour. The immature almonds can be eaten whole at this tender stage, including the crispy and sour hull. Over the next six weeks or so, the seed part of the nut will change from its current liquid state into a milky solid, and the hull will become bitter and tough. They nut meat can be used as a salad garnish or just popped in your mouth. The whole fruit goes well with a little salt and a beer, or can be stewed with lamb, or pickled. Yum! We have fresh young almonds at the market starting this week. The season is very short, so get ’em while they last!  – Bekki Photo: Alexa Wan

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