Bees in the Trees

The trees are singing praises!! They are in glorious full bloom.
My morning walk through the blooming orchards and fields of alfalfa and grain brings thoughts of praise for the beauty of creation. Spring on the farm is a time of delight: the bright green alfalfa, the snow white and blushing pink of the almond blossoms, the buzzing of bees busily getting to work, the bracing breeze, the dogs romping through the newly sprouted grain, the smell of newly turned dirt, and, foremost, the heavenly smell of thousands and thousands of almond blossoms. I love to bury my nose in a cluster of blooms and ssssnnnniffffffff! (Just check for bees first!)
Everyone should come by this week and drink in the sight and smell of the orchards in bloom. Stunningly gorgeous!!!
– Farmer AJ

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