Harding Elementary

Wednesday afternoons I bring Fat Uncle to Harding School at 3:00pm where the Mesa locals come to their farmers market. I love sharing our products and chatting with the regulars, that  have become my friends. Wednesday market at Harding has such a homey feel with families mingling and children laughing as they  play on the school play ground right next to our stands. These kids love their wednesday farmers market! My neighbors to the right of me, drive all the way from Santa Maria, bringing Fresh Strawberries, Vegetables, and Contagious smiles! They are a wonderful couple and hard worker. She explains to me, how she grows all her produce and they help  me brush up on my poor spanish!  Their vegetables are ripe, juicy and pesticide free! Our Scoops of Raw and Roasted almonds are More Fresh and Flavorful than any supermarket! We have better Prices than health food shops, and we’ve spent many hours in the kitchen finding new, creative, ways to cook an almond, just for you! Our whole stand is Gluten Free, so we are a great place to get yummy treats for your Gluten intolerant friends. As the sun sets, the last customers meander.  I begin to pack up . . . then suddenly, every week without fail, a nice, hurried, women appears, just off of work barely in time to bring home her almonds and favorite cookies!  – Carly

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